Make Money With Zazzle

You can make money promoting my products. Here is how.

Zazzle Affiliate Program

Zazzle has an excellent affiliate program. It’s very easy to use and in many ways, it’s better than Amazon’s affiliate program.

What’s An Affiliate Program?

When you are part of an affiliate program, you can post products on your website or social media with a code in the url that will be trackable. Your unique code will be in the URL. If someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, the purchase will be traceable back to you. You will get a commission.

Zazzle Affiliate Review

Here are some great benefits of promoting Zazzle products :

  • Commission rates start at 15% and go up with volume bonuses
  • Zazzle automatically approves you as an affiliate
  • Their referral cookie is 45 days. What this means is if someone goes to Zazzle for you affiliate link and any time to go back within 45 days, you will get credit for the sale and receive commission

Zazzle Affiliate Link On Pinterest

Can you post Zazzle affiliate products on Pinterest?

Yes, you can post your Zazzle affiliate products on Pinterest. Some companies don’t permit posting affiliate links on Pinterest (for example Amazon doesn’t right now) but yes, Zazzle permits affiliate links on Pinterest. However, you need to know the rules on Pinterest for affiliate links:

Make sure you have a Pinterest business account. There are 2 kinds of accounts on Pinterest, personal and business.

How To Sign Up

When you sign up to Zazzle, you are automatically approved as an affiliate.