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Tips for Decorating a Girl’s Bedroom

Five Tips for Decorating a Girl’s Bedroom

Little girl’s love to spend time in their bedrooms. It’s a place all of their own. A place where they can not only sleep, but dream. What better way to help your child’s dreams come true then by surrounding them with their favorite things! Decorating your child’s bedroom can be both a fun and rewarding experience for both of you. Here are five simple tips to get you started in the right direction:

The most important factor is to hear your child’s ideas; after all it is “her” room you are decorating! Have her sit down and make a list of her favorite things from toys to television programs. Would she like to have a themed bedroom? Or would she like to utilize her favorite colors as a canvas for a potpourri of decor?


Make use of what is already in place. You will be amazed at how you can turn items already in her bedroom into something new! If her dresser has an attached mirror, remove it from the dresser base and place a new mirror directly to the wall. Change dresser knobs/and pulls. Flip posters around and let her draw her own masterpiece. Paint bedroom doors for a new bold look. Purchase a duvet cover for a quick bedding change.

Think Ahead

Like the seasons change, so does your child’s likes and dislikes. As a parent you may have obtained a “feel” for this. Take this in account when decorating. Also, ask yourself if she will still love the hand painted mural of the fairy’s garden a few months from now. Will she love the pink carpet when she is a teen? Explore less permanent options such as wall stick ups, framed art, and accent rugs.

Simple Impact

You can make a dramatic change by just adding splashes of color and texture. Add accent pillows and throws to bedding. Hang throws and tapestry from the wall. Change window treatments. Throw down accent rugs for quick impact.

Have Fun

Spending time with your child decorating her room should be fun. Explore each other’s creative side by creating artwork, bulletin boards, and other decor crafts together. Throw a bedroom-makeover party for her and her friends. They can each make a decor item for the room.

These are just a few of the many tips and ideas to incorporate when beginning your decorating adventure. You’ll be sure to come up with plenty of your own by project’s end. Make sure and jot them down for next time. Yes, there will be next time!