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Cute Ideas For Baby Sonogram Pictures

Getting to see the baby for the first time at the ultrasound is exciting. You now have the first picture in your hands and are wondering how to display the sonogram appropriately. Here is what you need to know about saving the sonogram picture and our ideas on what to do with them.

size baby ultrasound picture

What are the dimensions of a baby ultrasound picture?

The ultrasound picture that will be printed out for you will be 4 inches by 3 inches (10cm by 7.5 cm). This is the typical size for a baby sonogram. The printed picture could also be smaller, the size will depend on the printer at the doctor’s office. Keep in mind that some ultrasounds will be recorded and you could leave with a CD or USB key only and no printed photo.

How to preserve and save sonogram pictures

Will my sonogram picture fade?

Sonogram pictures will fade with time. How fast they fade depends on what type of paper is used for printing but they often print baby ultrasound pictures on thermal paper. Similar paper to some credit card printed receipts that we know. They will change color if exposed to heat and eventually change and fade. The scan pictures can be preserved longer if stored properly, but please take a picture of it and/or scan it as soon as possible if you want to keep it forever.

How to protect your sonogram picture from fading

Even if you have a digital copy of the baby sonogram picture, it is fun to keep the original. Here is what you need to know to save your original baby sonogram photo as long as possible:

  • No touching – You’ll probably be showing your ultrasound picture to family and friends, but beware of all those fingers touching the photo. Photos will deteriorate faster if you touch them with your hands. 
  • No heat – sonogram pictures are often printed on thermal paper that will rapidly change color with heat.
  • No light – sonogram baby pictures will fade away faster when exposed to light.

Here are some options for protecting your original sonogram picture:

Protective plastic sleeve

Preserving the sonogram picture in a photo sleeve can be an option. It will keep them away from dirt and will be easier to manipulate. You can find those on Amazon under the search terms “photo bags“, “photo sleeve” and “card protectors” (see on Amazon here)

Laminating Sonogram Picture (no heat)

A good way to save the original sonogram picture is to laminate it. Beware, however, of laminating machines. You do not want your sonogram pictures to be exposed to heat, it will destroy the picture. No thermal laminator. Look for self-adhesive laminating sheets that do not need a machine or ironing. (see on Amazon here)


Framing is a popular choice for displaying and preserving baby scan photos, but a frame does not protect from light and you could see it turn yellow faster than if stored in a photo album. (see baby sonogram frames on Amazon here)


Your baby sonogram picture WILL fade.
The best way to keep a baby sonogram picture is to scan it or take a picture

By far the easiest way to preserve your baby sonogram picture is to take a picture with your phone and store it in your favorite cloud storage with your other pictures. It’s also the easiest way to use the picture and add it to products for gifting like mugs, keychains, ornaments, and woodblock frames for example.

Scanning your ultrasound picture is the best option if you want a quality copy without glare. If you intend to make the picture much bigger than the actual size, like printing on a canvas, for example, you should scan the sonogram. This is possible at home (with a home scanner) or a professional one (Office Depot, Walgreen for example) 

Captions For Sonogram Pictures

Now that you have decided to display your baby sonogram picture, you might be wondering what to write as a caption.

Here is a list of baby sonogram captions that you can use on your gifts :

Love at first sight
Love at first heartbeat
Precious little one
Grandma, I can’t wait to meet you
Sometimes, the littlest things take up the most room in our hearts
We made a wish and you came true
Only the best parents get promoted to grandparents
Can’t wait to meet you
Baby_____ du_______
Worth the wait
Coming soon
One the way
Guess what?
Hello Baby
Tiny Miracle
Sneak Peek