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Mason Jar Lid Label Stickers

Different available labels for Mason Jar lids

Canning lid stickers are not only for labeling the types of food that are inside, they are also great for adding a personalized touch to your Mason jar. Here is everything you need to know about Mason jar lids label stickers. What size do you need, where to get them and how to do it yourself.

Mason Jar Lid Size

Are all mason jar lids the same size?

No. There are 2 sizes of lids. There is a multitude of Mason jar sizes, but only 2 sizes for canning lids. The volume of the jar (cup (half-pint), pint, quart, and half-gallon) does NOT give you any indications of the size of the opening and the lid you will need. The canning jar mouth size is determined by the diameter of the opening. Note that the bands, caps, and lids are interchangeable with other brands too. (Ball or Kerr jars)

There are 2 different sizes of Mason jar canning lids:

DiameterRegular mouthWide mouth
inner diameter 238 in (60 mm) 3 in (76 mm)
outer diameter 234 in (70 mm) 338 in (86 mm)

What size label do I need for a Mason jar lid?

Now that you have identified the size of your lid, you can get the appropriate size for your label 🙂 The perfect circle label sticker would fit inside the indent of the lid.

Round label sizes for canning jars lids:

Regular size lid sticker: 2 inches in diameter (or smaller)

Wide mouth lid sticker: 2.5 inches in diameter (or smaller)

That being said, canning jar lid labels are usually 1.5 inches or 2 inches.

Always label your canning jars! No matter how much you think you will remember the content of your own creations, much like the Ziplock bags in your freezer, you will eventually pull out something from there that is unrecognizable without a label.

Blank Stickers for Canning lids

Using blank stickers is the easiest way to label your content, second to writing directly on the lid with a sharpie. Makes all your work look a little more official, keeping the homemade vibe. A roll of blank label stickers is also more economical than custom-made or printables. Amazon carries a wide range of blank canning labels to write on. (see here)

Customized Mason Jar Lid Labels

If you love beautiful graphics and gifting, you will want to look into customized mason jar lids. You can personalize with your name and content. It is also the perfect solution if you are managing a small business. Find a design with space for your website address and social contacts.

The easiest way to find customized labels is to go to They have a wide variety of designs that you can personalize yourself before ordering. You choose a design and change the information yourself on the website. The sheets of stickers will be shipped to you, no need to print them yourself.

Printable Labels

Printing your own labels requires a little more work, but you won’t need to wait for the shipping. Printing stickers at home has the advantage that you can personalize them and print only what is necessary. You can also keep the template for future uses. You will need to use a graphic design software (I recommend, find the appropriate printable sticker sheets, and know your printer settings.

What Sticker Sheets Size do I buy for Mason Jar Lids?

Page SizeRegular/Wide MouthRegular/Wide MouthWide Mouth
US Letter1.5″ labels2″ labels2.5″ labels
A41.5″ labels2″ labels2.5″ labels

No matter what you choose to do, make sure to label the jars clearly and always date them. Content and date.